How Much Does It Cost to Re-Canvas a Pop-Up Canvas

Owning and maintaining a pop-up camper is not cheap. One of the most costly tasks is re-canvassing. The canvas of your pop-up camper can be maintained through regular cleaning, however certain parts of it, or the canvas as a whole, will need to be replaced in order to prolong its lifespan.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Canvas on a Pop-Up Camper in 2022

Is a canvas replacement necessary for pop-up campers? The cost of a professional Pop-up Camper Canvas Replacement is between $800. Most people spend between $1000 and $1500 on it. Material cost and quantity will determine the price. A canvas with windows, zippers, or other specialty seams will also cost more.

Here are some things we consider before we begin the guides.

Our Considerations Include:

Consider these factors to improve your canvas’ replacement pricing.

Best Time of Pop up Camper Replacement:

The person who owns a pop-up camper usually wants the camper to be replaced at a low price. Know the timing of the company’s offer before replacing your pop-up canvas. Companies usually make offers from November to March.

Almost all canvas replacement companies claim that they will replace your canvas in 4 to 8 weeks, but mine came in 14-18 weeks, which is not too long.

Postal Services:

If needed, you may have to send your old canvas so that a new one can be made. Due to the weight of my canvas and the size of my pop-up camper, this box will be larger than most for me. The cost of FEDEX, which I use for fast service, is approximately $400 including tax. You can get 75% off if you are a FedEx courier. However, send your old canvas back because it can be expensive.

It is possible to mail it for less money. According to USPS rates, it would cost me $97.85 to send it through them. The cost would depend on how quickly you need it.


Canvas is easy to set up. Even if you use pop-up camper canvas or hybrid camper canvas. Lots of people do it by themselves. Fitting the canvas does not require a professional.

If you are not able to do it, you will have to pay around $380 to $500 to a professional.

Best Companies for Canvas Replacement:

Several hours of research led me to some of the best replacement canvas companies. All of these are widely recognized companies.

Bear Creek Canvas:

Bear Creek Canvas is highly recommended for their excellent service. I compared several canvas companies before choosing Bear Creek. Compared to Canvas Replacements, Fabricover and other companies, they seem to have the best prices. There are a few cheaper options out there, but Bear Creek is a little more expensive, so you might want to go with it if you care about the difference of $100.

Pricing of Bear Creek Canvas:

The best way to get a bear creek canvas price is to visit their website and submit your requirements. The price will appear after you submit your requirements.

You can see here the price of hybrid camper canvas replacement.

Single Bunk $475.00
Double Bunk $850.00
Additional 3rd Wing $1200
Restocking Return $100
Specialty Insert Bunk $3 per foot
Special per Bunk Install $100 with shipping


Fabricover is a great option if you want to save money. I’ve found some interesting facts about the company. The website of a pop-up camper makes it easy to find how much it will cost to replace the canvas.

For an accurate cost of canvas replacement, head over to our website and complete the form. The price will be displayed after submitting.

Fabicover provides only four colors. They are white, black, grey and tan. Starting prices are $1299.

Canvas Replacements:


You can hire Canvas Replacements to replace the canvas on your camper. Canvas Replacements displays their operations via videos, which makes it very convenient to look at them virtually.

Select your canvas category and submit the form to get all the details. A cost estimate will appear after you submit all the information.

Canvas Replacement is also known for its low-price camper replacements. Prices begin at $1025.00.

When Will the Canvas on a Pop-Up Camper Last?

Canvas in your pop-up camper will last longer if you use it more, use it in a warmer climate, and take good care of it. If you take care of canvas then you will use upto 15 years.

To ensure the longevity of your canvas, regular upkeep is essential. To prevent damage from dampness or humidity, which both cause mold to grow, canvas should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after each use.

You must inspect your canvas after every use for any minor damage. It is important to note even the smallest damages because if you do then your canvas will last longer. If not, you will see that the smallest damage will cause your canvas to break down.

It is important to inspect the canvas of a pop-up camper before purchasing; doing so will help to avoid re-canvassing costs.

What About DIY Canvas Repair Kits?

The market offers canvas repair kits that include all the supplies you need to fix your camper by yourself. You should purchase a spray-on waterproofing agent separately when buying canvas repair kits because cotton canvas patches and canvas adhesive are usually included.

When choosing your canvas repair kit, you should consider a few factors. Your first step is to make sure the kit you choose is designed to include a matching patch. Prior to ordering the repair kit, be sure that the patch you buy will cover the damaged area. A large hole or rip may need professional repair.

How to Clean a Pop-Up Camper Canvas?

Follow these steps to clean your pop-up camper canvas:

  • Properly storing and cleaning your pop-up camper canvas will increase its longevity.
  • You should never store and close pop-up campers when the canvas is damp or wet, as this can ruin the canvas.
  • Unpreparedness can lead to mistakes.
  • Camping after a rain may lead you to believe that everything has dried thoroughly and aired out.
  • It is very likely that the canvas still has some damp areas.
  • As soon as you arrive home, it is a good idea to open your camper and let it dry.
  • This will allow you to clean and close up any neglected areas at home before you store your camper again.
  • A humid climate makes this step even more crucial. Humidity makes canvas dry much slower.
  • Set up a dehumidifier and/or fans, if necessary.
  • The interior canvas of your camper will also become dirty if you cook inside it frequently.
  • The inside of the camper needs to be deep cleaned too. We tend to think that the canvas only needs to be cleaned on the outside of the camper.
  • Clean the canvas using mild soap and water instead of harsh bleaches.
  • Canvas will suffer damage if exposed to harsh chemicals and will degrade faster if exposed to harsh chemicals.
  • The canvas can also be protected by coating it with vinyl or spraying it with a protective spray.


How much does it cost to replace a pop-up camper canvas?

The cost of the pop-up camper canvas will start from $800 to $1500. You will go with canvas replacement which charges start from $1025.

How do I fix the canvas on my pop-up camper?

Follow these steps to fix the pop-up camper canvas:

  • Damaged areas should be measured
  • Find the appropriate repair kit
  • Repair tent material by preparing the tent material
  • Prepare the repair material for cutting
  • Patches and adhesive should be applied
  • After applying the adhesive, let it cure
  • Patches that are weatherproof

How much should I pay for a pop-up camper?

Each camper has its own size and price. Some camper canvas prices start from $1200 and some start from $475. It all depends on your camper.

How long will a pop up camper last?

People who don’t take care of campers will only live 5 to 8 years. However, if you take good care of the camper, its durability can increase up to 10 to 15 years.

Final Thoughts:

Up until I put on the new canvas, I had no idea how bad my previous canvas looked and performed. After installing the new canvas, I feel as if my camper is brand new! Spending some money on your camper is worth it if you enjoy using it, and you can increase its longevity.

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