How Long Will RV Battery Last Boondocking or Dry Camping?

Camping without hookups is called boondocking in RV. What will happen to your batteries without a generator? Depending on how much you have driven your camper lately (for how long), I will say how long it takes. This article gives boondockers some tips on how to get the most life out of their batteries.

How Long Will RV Battery Last Boondocking or Dry Camping?

It’s important to know how long will your camper’s battery can last if you are going to dry camping, boondocking, and any other camping without any equipment with you.

On boondocking, an RV battery should last for 2 to 4 days at the most if you are boondocking for a day. You can increase battery life by using less power.

How Can I Figure Out the Capacity of My Battery?

Here is what I found out after doing some research and reading about batteries. 660 amp-hours (AH) are delivered when all six 6V 220 amp-hour batteries are connected in parallel. It is recommended only to charge batteries to 50% capacity, resulting in 330 Ah of usable capacity.

Our current system only consists of a Magnum MS2012 inverter/charger and a basic ME-RC50 remote that allows us to view and set up the settings, so it’s rather difficult to know what the SOC% is at any given point in time.

Due to the lack of additional modules, Magnum can only display real-time battery bank voltage. However, the SOC percentage can be calculated by performing a bit of math.

What is the Maximum Time You can Spend Boondocking in a Motorhome?

Dry campers claiming to be professionals can often go up to 10-14 days without refueling or dumping their tanks. You should develop the skill of dry camping for three or four nights, which may be longer than you expect.

When you have never tried dry camping before you may find it intimidating, but you will be surprised at how easy it is once you see how simple it is!

Power and water are likely to be the biggest barriers to boondocking. These simple steps will help you maximize them:

  • Whenever you are not using a device, turn it off.
  • Charging your batteries by turning on solar plates or generators.
  • Showering instead of taking a bath can reduce your usage of water. When you are planning your trip, it is best to find a place with fresh water close by, for example, a park with bathrooms or an RV dealership where you can fill up.

With everything going according to plan, most people will be able to get by with little gas for three nights of dry camping.

When Your RV’s Battery is Drained, How Can You Charge It?

The same way you would plug into 30 and 50 amp outlets with an extension cord, you can hook the battery up with an extension cord if you are onshore.

The battery from your camper can also be removed for charging inside your home if it has its own 12-volt charger.

An electrical outlet or a DC power switch specifically designed for campers can be used to connect a battery to home electricity. Examples include pop-up trailers or RVs that run off DC power.

You should disconnect all appliances that may be connected to AC power (shore power) during this process, as some electricians have claimed they’ve seen the damage to breaker boxes.

If you’re connected to AC power during this process, please make sure all breakers are disconnected before touching any other appliances.

A car battery or an RV battery can be jump-started using the “jump-starting” process. Several tools are needed to take off power outlet covers (or panels) from your camper, including jumper cables, which can be found at most hardware stores.


1. How long will an RV battery last while dry camping?

RV batteries have a lifespan of 35 to 48 hours, depending on the battery. There are batteries that last up to 48 hours and others that last 35 hours.

2. How many batteries does Boondocking RV take?

Two 12 volt batteries are needed for boondocking. More batteries will increase the RV’s lifespan.

3. How do I charge my Boondocking RV battery?

Boondocking RV batteries can be charged in many ways. Using the 120 volts outlet on your home shore is best for charging your RV battery. Generators and solar plates can be used when you are away from home.

4. How many amp-hours is Boondocking?

A 100 amp-hour battery will provide enough power for a day of boondocking. Your power source will live longer if you add several 12V 100AH batteries to the bank.

5. How long will a 12-volt battery run an RV refrigerator?

The answer depends on the size and power of your fridge. Normally, a fridge with 2 cubic feet and 12 volts will run for 50 hours.

6. How long does campervan leisure battery last?

Never let your capacity drop below 50%. Your battery’s life will also be reduced if you do. A leisure battery can last a minimum of 5 years.


I hope that you will get your answer of how long will RV battery last boondocking and dry camping? Feel free to leave a comment if you encounter any problems.

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